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Yi is a Chinese mountain tribe. They live in a region that, in earlier days, was not accessible. The Yi are totally different than the Han Chinese. Our documentary shows how the Yi are living and how the mountain tribe is more and more disappearing.

In Chinese dreams, documentary maker and China expert Ruben Terlou travel further through China, driven by his fascination for the Chinese and with the rapidly changing society as a compass.
The Yi, one of the 56 official Chinese ethnic minorities, live in the mountains of southern China. Their history is complex, and their future is uncertain. Through assimilation, there is a good chance that their culture will disappear. Where do the Yi come from, and what are they looking forward to?

Ruben travels to the remote Liangshan Mountains, where he meets an unknown mountain tribe. With an age-old shamanic ritual to dislodge ghosts, Ruben is shocked that a dead cock can still cry. He also sees how the young generation is being deployed to achieve full assimilation of China’s ethnic populations.Original title: Xi en de Yi

Original title: Xi en de Yi

Director and Sound: Jeroen de Greef
Presentation and Photography: Ruben Terlou
Camera: Peter Vancraesbeek & Joost van Herwijnen
Editing: Jan van der weken
Research: René van ´t Erve
Executive producer: Marit Gerritsen
Production: Jorike Verlaan
Mixage: Joost Oskamp
Colour correction: John Thorberg

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