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Pamela Paquin wants to transform the fur industry. The U.S. designer uses roadkill to make fur accessories. Could this be the new chic?

Pamela Paquin makes muffs, wrist cuffs, hats and more from roadkill – which she calls ‘accidental fur.’ Whenever the U.S. designer hears of a dead animal by the side of the road, she goes to remove the pelt, and then leaves the animal’s body where she found it, as food for other animals. She finds there is nothing distasteful about her job. Her aim is to transform the fur industry. As the founder of ‘Peace Fur,’ Paquin is hoping to show the fashion world that killing animals for their pelts is unnecessary. A typical day for the designer can begin with skinning a rabbit by the side of the road, and end at a high end fashion shoot. People in the fashion world are taking note of her unusual sourcing technique and praise the designer’s down to earth approach.

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