Udo Lindenberg: The Godfather of German Rock and the Fall of the Berlin Wall | DW Documentary

“I was the official enemy of the East German state,” says German rock legend Udo Lindenberg. Since the 1970s, he’d opposed the Berlin Wall through his work and actions. Arts.21 spoke to him about his commitment to East Germans and about his music.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lindenberg was finally able to go on tour in the former communist country, and one of those first concerts took him to Leipzig, where the now-legendary Monday Demonstrations that ultimately spelled the end of the East German regime took place. Udo Lindenberg became a household name in Germany, in part by making rock music sung in German popular, thanks to the success of his 1973 album, “Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria” – nothing short of a revolution at the time. He’s written more than 600 songs so far, and released 36 studio albums, which have sold millions of copies. Udo Lindenberg and his band, The Panikorchester, create huge stage spectacles. Their concerts are among the most lavish and expensive shows in the music business, even internationally. Today, the “Godfather of German Rock” is more popular than ever. In an exclusive interview, we talk to him about his dedication to East Germans; the era of German division; the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989; the situation now, thirty years later, in a unified Germany; and, of course, about his music.


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