The Weather Business: Inside the Met Office (Episode 2) | Full Documentary | Reel Truth

From what we eat to how we travel; the cost of our clothes, energy bills and council tax, even the medicines chemists stock and the sporting events we attend, our climate impacts them all.

With unique and unprecedented access to the UK Met Offices Exeter Headquarters at its busiest time of the year, The Weather Business follows the work of its staff; from the call centre to the forecasters, the super computer to the aviation desk, the meteorologists working on-site with customers to the press officers holding the fort at the HQ and gain an unparalleled insight into the vital role that the Met Office plays in the lives of individual and business nation-wide.

The Weather Business will reveal how The Met Office is part of the billion dollar global weather forecasting industry. By teaming with major UK companies who are reliant on accurate weather data (supplied by The Met Office and others) such as, Easyjet, The Navy, the Co-op, Twickenham Stadium and the Highways Agency as well as meeting members of the public who depend on the Met Office as a vital emergency service, the series will reveal why preparing for the great British weather means more than simply deciding which jumper to wear or whether to pack an umbrella or not.

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