The race for survival (French documentary about the Atlantic salmon, with English subtitles)

The main character of this film is Salsa, a female Atlantic salmon, filmed over a period of two years under often difficult conditions in its natural aquatic setting: a Normandy river, the Sienne, known for its rich ecological resources. Through Salsa’s story, written to create a certain compassion from the viewer, – like a fiction would -, but with extreme scientific precision, supported by the CNRS (the French Center for Scientific Research), we discover the different cycles of the life of wild salmon: from the river where they are born, to their arrival on the European coasts, followed by their several-thousand-kilometer migration to the Faroe Islands to find preys and finally their return to the estuary of their birth-river. It is a dramatic and universal story that, in the near future, may no repeat itself since the salmon embark on this migration full of obstacles, in our rivers, only to reproduce. This film shows “the king fish” as we have never seen it before. This hymn to wild life – a rare and subtle testimony – urging us to discover the marvels of our immediate environment, is a plea for biodiversity.

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Director: Yvon Le Gars
Duration: 52′
Year : 2010
Production : Aber Inages – Seasons – CNRS Images

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