The F-Word: Who Wants to be a Feminist? (Feminism) | Full Documentary | Reel Truth

Feminism. Does the word have any meaning? Did it achieve its goals? What unfinished business is there? Would you call yourself a Feminist? Friends and foes of this movement Feminism consider what it – both the word and the movement – means today – and what it might mean tomorrow.

In a timely and highly entertaining examination of one of the most significant social movements in human history The F Word: Who Wants to be A Feminist looks at the trajectory of the First, Second and Third Waves of Feminism and their omnipresent effect on our world today.

With unique access to some of the biggest names in modern feminism, including Germaine Greer, Susan Faludi and Naomi Wolf, this compelling and relevant documentary questions how and why women make up over half of the world’s population but own just 1% of the world’s wealth, and how in many countries they hold half the jobs, but take home 20% less pay then men.

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