The Age of Man – Documentary about the Anthropocene (Golden Award at Deauville Green Awards 2016)

The Human activity and its impact on our planet has overcome the geological forces… thus opening a new era called Anthropocene also known as the Age of man. This new Era inevitably leads to an investigation about how past civilizations have tackled environmental and climate change issues they faced. Whether Mayas, Vikings, Japan… Taking a step aside and looking back resonates with our current challenges and may be inspirational as to what our developed world can do and on what scale to truly cope with this unprecedented Era.

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On September 5th 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa, members of the “Working Group on the Anthropocene” presented their latest findings at the annual International Geological Congress.
A research paper signed by 35 international scientists, commissioned by the Congress, was published in January 2016, concluding that a new, “functionally and stratigraphically distinct” unit of geologic time has begun.

This documentary won the Golden Award at Deauville Green Awards, 2016

Original title: The Age of Man – The New Deal
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