Survival of the Fittest – Ecuador

April 2005
A violent dispute between fishermen and park rangers is threatening the Galapagos islands’ wildlife. Some species have already disappeared.

Throwing molotov cocktails and beating park rangers with clubs, hoards of angry fishermen storm the rangers’ headquarters. “The rangers have passed laws to cause the fishing sector to disappear,” complains spokesman Rogelio Huaycho. The fishermen claim they’re locked in a battle for survival with the wildlife on the islands. But rangers are dismayed that fishermen are using their disproportionate political influence to overturn conservation edicts. “I don’t think things have been any worse ever in the National Park,” laments former Park director Fernando Ortiz. The first species are already disappearing, rangers have been attacked and anti poaching patrols stopped. The worry is that things will get worse. As Oritz fears: “I think conservation will be history.”

Produced by ABC Australia
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