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Over at the A&E department in Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary, 38-year-old Joanne has been rushed into hospital by an ambulance, having been involved in a car crash where she swerved to avoid a ladder that flew off the roof of a van in front of her. The assessment suites are all occupied, so paramedics transfer her to A&E bed 9 in the corridor – doctors are worried that she may have seriously injured her back. Her dad Brian was a passenger in the car and is being brought into A&E in a separate ambulance, and Joanne is concerned that he was thrown into the windscreen on impact and might be seriously injured.

Secret Life of a Hospital Bed is a unique 20-part series where across the 60-minute episodes, fixed-rig cameras tell the story of patients who enter four different hospitals across the UK. The hospitals are The Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, The Queen’s Hospital in Romford, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and The Great Northern Childrens Hospital in Newcastle. The circumstances, the ailment, the treatment, the length of stay – everything is personal to the individual involved. But the one constant throughout is the bed.

An unprecedented look inside Britain’s hospitals.

With over 150,000 currently in use across the NHS, hospital beds witness the most important moments of our lives. Filmed over five weeks, the series features four hospitals and one of the beds in their units including: A&E, Maternity, Day Surgery and Paediatrics.

Every patient who enters hospital has a different story to tell of how and why they are there. The unique nature of the access means that viewers see the ways in which patients and staff interact, shining a spotlight onto the vital work carried out by the hospitals dedicated staff members, and giving an intimate and heart-warming portrayal of life, death, and everything in-between inside Britain’s hospitals.

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