Russia’s Kamchatka Is A Stunning Place Worth Protecting (1998)

Discovering Kamchatka (1998): A report on the region of Kamchatka after the fall of the Soviet Union, its attempts to become a tourist hot spot, and the unique environment local government are trying to protect.

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Kamchatka is a peninsular in the Russian Far-East. Populated with volcanoes, and prone to earthquakes, the peninsular is still in formation. This fascinates people like Yuri Dubik, who studies the geology of the region, yet he admits that the natural phenomena can cause problems for the peninsular’s residents. Due to the natural beauty of Kamchatka, the region’s government are keen to develop tourist infrastructure to bring in foreigners to the region. But the main aim of the authorities is to protect Kamchatka’s natural environment. While many foreign investors are interested in taking advantage of the region’s natural resources, they must abide by the strict rules in place to protect Kamchatka’s flora and fauna. As a local fisherman states: “We have the goal of leaving something for our children.” A touching report on a area few have seen or know, and the people looking to protect it.

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