Our Evolutionary History in One Minute

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Our big brains, the gift of speech, long legs, powerful muscles, and sweat glands for running across the Savanna. Robust thumbs from making and using tools. The coccyx, the remains of our tail from our days spent leaping through the tress in search of fruit. Our finely tuned senses, live birth and parenting, that helped us outwit the dinosaurs. The lungs and limbs that took us onto the land. Our hearts, eyes, bones, and teeth, from our aquatic past. And the DNA in our cells, that emerged in a primeval puddle. We are one of 10 million or more species that have evolved on this planet, all from one single cell that sparked into life over 3 billion years ago.

Change one thing, one predator, one lucky mutation, and we wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.

Clip from the documentary “Mankind Rising”.

Watch it here – http://youtu.be/StqZI9pMq0U

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