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Mikhail Zlatkovsky is one of Russia’s most famous cartoonists. In the period of the perestroika and in the 90’s he has the freedom of speech to portray the leaders as Gorbachev and Yeltsin in a critical way. This changes immediately after the inauguration of Putin as the new president. He’s no longer allowed to draw Putin.

In the years that follow, Zlatkovsky experiences, what the new policy under Putin means for him and his work. Many subjects or persons are no longer allowed to be illustrated like the war in Chechenia, the police, the military, or the public prosecutor – and the list gets longer and longer.

In 2014, the list will be so long that he no longer knows what to draw. Later on, the newspaper for which he works shuts down its doors.

The VPRO is once again touring Europe and European history. The new series picks up the thread where the previous one ended: in 1999. Optimism at the turn of the century gave way to fear and confusion following the attacks on the Twin Towers, the credit crisis, an increasing flow of refugees, and an increasingly troubled relationship with Russia. But can you recognize history if you are in the middle of it? If nobody knows how it will end?

The series ‘In Europe, History caught in the act’, let witnesses speak, that without realizing it, ended up in the middle of an important historical event.

In Europe, history caught in the act is a series with Geert Mak by Stefanie de Brouwer and Roel van Broekhoven.

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