My Dirty Little Secret: Green Widow (True Crime) | Crime Documentary | Reel Truth Crime

Hollywood cameraman Bob Samuels marries Mary Ellen Jamison in 1986. Mary Ellen had hoped he would provide a glamorous, star-studded life. When no stars strike, they separate, but remain on good terms. Then in 1988, Samuels is murdered in his home, yet no obvious leads pan out. That is, until an unknown, guilt-ridden woman approaches police. In an odd way, would Mary Ellen finally receive the fame she had been wishing for?

My Dirty Little Secret is a twisted crime series full of sex, lies, gossip and intrigue. Each episode starts with two mysteries: who is the killer, and more tantalisingly what salacious secret was that killer trying to conceal by permanently silencing the victim? From bizarre double lives and strange sex secrets to criminal transgressions, well find out what happens when sins from the past come back to haunt. My Dirty Little Secret wraps the immersive thrill of a true crime tale with the naturally sensational allure of a deep, dark secret. Even when its clear who the killer is, viewers will be captivated through to the end of each episode to find out the shocking secret which triggered a murder.

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