Iran Stands On The Brink Of A Water Crisis

Iran’s Water Crisis: Iran is facing a chronic water shortage. While government programmes help to curb the crisis, economic sanctions remain a blockade to true reform. Lakes and groundwater reserves are threatening to run dry.

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The inefficient agricultural sector is responsible for 90% of water consumption, exacerbated by foreign sanctions necessitating self-sufficiency. “Political conflicts shouldn’t overshadow environmental cooperation. And it has”, says Iran’s VP, Massoumeh Ebetekar. The government has taken steps to curb the crisis through social media campaigns and subsidies for sprinkler systems. “With this rain irrigation system […] we can easily say we are saving 40 – 50% of our water”, remarks one farmer. However, while sanctions prevail, it is unlikely that Iran’s water sources will have a chance to recover. “Rivers and lakes are going dry one after another”, says global water expert Dr Kaveh Madani.

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