Has This Village in Laos Sold Its Soul to the Tourism Industry?

Backpackers in Laos (2009): The tiny village that’s being overrun by thrill-seeking western tourists.

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The beautiful village of Vang Vieng in Laos has become a haven for backpackers. Yet the abundance of drugs and cheap liquor results in several lives being lost every year. Has Vang Vieng sold its soul?

“‘I am going to get stoned out of my tree”’ claims one backpacker. It’’s obvious that the stunning mountains aren’’t the only reason Vang Vieng has won its place in the backpackers’ guidebooks. ‘They will give you a free whiskey and then send you off a 10 foot jump.’ Occasionally deaths from ‘unknown causes’ stop play here for a while but soon enough the party starts up again.

SVT – Ref. 4332

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