Guilty: The Conviction of Cardinal Pell

Once one of the most powerful men in the Catholic Church, Cardinal George Pell was thought to be untouchable. This is the story of his fall from grace, now serving a six-year sentence for sexually abusing minors.

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“He was a man that was so high up in the hierarchy that we believed justice wouldn’t be served”, says former choirboy and abuse survivor Andrew LaGreca. “They preach about God, they preach about love. Love thy neighbour. They took away lives. Took away innocence. That’s not love”. Pell’s crimes took place over decades, beginning in the 1970s when he was a newly minted priest in his hometown of Ballarat. His victims, some as young as eight years old, spent years in silence spiraling into depression, drug and alcohol addiction, and even suicide. All the while, Pell continued to climb the ranks of the Church, becoming one its most senior Vatican officials and the highest ranking Catholic in Australia. For the first time, those central to Pell’s court-suppressed sexual offences speak out.

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