Growing Unrest in Occupied Iraq (2004)

The New Deal: After nearly a year of occupation, the situation in Iraq has deteriorated. Now the Americans seem to be losing control of the political process.

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“Iraqis have given up on the Americans,” states one man. “We know that their promises are all lies.” Life for the average Iraqi is now worse than it was 12 months ago. Unemployment has reached at least 50%, the security situation in Baghdad has worsened and anger and despair are increasing. As mistrust towards the Americans grows, Iraqis are turning to traditional leaders like Ayotollah Sistani for guidance. But Sistani’s plans are undermining the American position. He has rejected plans for regional assemblies and instead is calling for proper elections. “Occupation is not something anybody deserves,” explains politician Dr Muwaffik Rubbaie. Rubbaie frequently meets the notoriously reclusive Sistani, acting as a link between Sistani and the American administrations. Another crucial problem for the Americans is the Sunnis. They feel alienated from the American administration and Iraqi Governing Council and have set up their own state council dedicated to fighting the occupation. It’s difficult to see how America can nation build when its struggling to provide basic security.

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