From Former Sports Reporter to Conspiracy Theorist | the David Icke Story | Shiver

Is reality hologram? Is David Icke son of god? Do we live in the world that it’s actually secretly controlled by evil shape-shifting lizard-people from the 4th dimension? Those are the few things David Icke got it wrong but there are many he got it right!

In the mid-1990’s, former sports reporter David Icke announced his prediction: from the turn of the Millennium until 2012 we would see chaos establish itself across the globe as war, economic collapse and terror took hold. At the time, no-one listened to him, the media focused on his turquoise tracksuits and claims to be the Son of God, and he became an object of ridicule. Now, after world events such as the Tsunami, 9/11, Gulf War 2 and Hurricane Katrina we are left with one intriguing question – did David Icke get it right? Giving Icke a unique chance to set the record straight, this programme follows him as he sees if he will be taken seriously this time.

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