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Piano prodigy Yuja Wang is known for gripping performances and sexy outfits. But what is she like in private? A film that captures her on and off stage.

Yuja Wang is a star in the classical music world. Born in Beijing in 1987, the musician has spent most of her life at the piano. She has already worked with some of the world’s best conductors. In 2011 she won the ECHO Klassik award, in 2016 she performed Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Her piano-playing is impressive – as is her stage presence. Yuja Wang is provokingly different. Her appearances feature her in sexy outfits worthy of a pop star mistakenly strayed into the classical music scene. It is no coincidence that she is a fan of Rihanna, the US pop icon with a constant media presence and followers around the globe. She has also amassed a following on Facebook and Instagram and is considered an influencer among classical music stars. This documentary takes a look into the life of the child prodigy from China. We see Yuja Wang idolized and stressed, lonely and exhausted after all the ovations, inspired and full of self-doubt. A pianist’s life – up close.

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