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Berta Cáceres, winner of the International Goldman Prize for the Environment and possibly the most well-known land rights activist in the world, was murdered in her home a year ago. Berta’s message to the world was that no one is beyond reach. Far from silencing her and her cause, her death has unleashed a wave of activism in support of women and the environment. Subscribe to Journeyman here:

In Life, Berta was emblematic of the strength and passion of indigenous land and environmental defenders; in death, she remains emblematic of the rife, unhindered abuses sweeping Honduras. Though eight people have been arrested for her murder, the intellectual authors of the crime have not been brought to justice. The family are requesting an international investigation, mistrustful of the Honduran justice institutions.

On the anniversary of Berta’s death in March, her family, and COPINH, the organisation she headed, allowed Thomson Reutuers to join them during key events, including filing a court case against the constitutionality of the Agua Zarca damn affecting their lands, as well as intimate family moments, such as picking flowers for Berta’s shrine, and visiting her grave.

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