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Meeting with some participants of the Women’s Forum, a sort of Davos for women in Deauville in 2008.
They are called Margot Wallström, Vice President of the European Commission; Fadela Amara, Secretary of State for urban policy in the Fillon government; Salome Zourabichvili, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia; Atilia Molokomé, number three of the Government of Botswana …
These women and dozens of others, of all ages, from all backgrounds, gathered for the Women’s Forum, a sort of Davos for women organized by the company head Aude de Thuin.
Following the debate, brushing portraits of the participants, the documentary addresses some key questions: do women have a different relationship to power? Must we go through quotas?
A certainty: for these women from all continents, it is about “moving the world of tomorrow”.

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Directors: Marissa Cattini, Fabrice Gardel and Cathy Mespoulède
Author: Fabrice Gardel
Duration: 41 ‘
Year: 2008

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