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India’s Baby Factory: have women’s bodies become a capitalist battleground?

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Welcome to the Gujarat baby factory where over 50 women are carrying babies for wealthy Westerners. Is commercial surrogacy a valid way out of poverty or an excuse for the West to rip off the Third World?

The women are poor and come from India’s appalling slums. They are paid about $7,000 for providing babies, a fortune in their terms, and receive good medical care and attention during their nine-month term. But with an increasing number of Westerners travelling to India for the service, this surrogacy boom has sparked a fierce moral, ethical and legal debate. ‘It’s just horrific to consider this in moral terms – as though this were some sort of legitimate transaction,’ says ethicist Nick Tonti-Filippini, ‘at the end of the day it’s wealthy people exploiting poor people.’ Dr Nayna Patel, co-founder of the Akanksha clinic, disagrees. ‘How can you say it is exploitation of the female when the female is willing to do it?’ A fascinating insight into the ‘Womb for Rent’ debate.

SBS Australia – 4335

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