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My First Rifle (2013): Most kindergarten kids learn how to paint and tie their shoelaces – in Kentucky, they learn how to handle shotguns. As the gun debate rages across the US, this report explores its teeny-popper culture.

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“It’s mind-boggling that they market guns to children”, says Terese Stiles of Louisville Children’s Hospital.”Every year in the States 15,000 children are treated for gunshot wounds”. Yet guns are a way of life in Kentucky, and locals aren’t deterred by statistics. “It teaches them a lot of responsibility”, argues one local mother. Gun-seller Sherwood Davies agrees. He sells weapons named ‘Barbie’ and ‘Chipmunk’ for children as young as 3, but argues that the rifles needn’t be dangerous. Kids “get killed by skateboards”, he maintains. “Are you gonna outlaw skateboards? Are you gonna confiscate pogo sticks? Everything requires supervision.”

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