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Unveiling the Future (2010): Jewish women in Israel are opting to wear wigs instead of headscarves in a controversial move away from Orthodox Jewish tradition.

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The political context of Israel may be set to change forever. Yet as a growing number of Jewish women reject the age-old tradition of the headscarf, a local battle tests Israel’s capacity to change.

The headscarf is a defining Jewish tradition, symbolising a woman’s marital status. As times move forward, more women are turning to an alternate way of covering their hair without covering themselves – the wig. The controversial issue, “This is a very divisive issue, because women want to be beautiful and look good”, has been challenged by Orthodox Jews. The wig in itself has also caused more conflict, “The wig shows quite clearly who you are and what social class you belong to”. This argument goes deeper than just a hairstyle – as the women of Israel stand up against tradition and social expectations.

ORF – Ref. 4922

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