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Why do people in Brazil believe in spirits like orisha? What is an orisha and what does he mean to people in Brazil that are Candomble practitioner? Do people talk with an orisha or other spirits or how do they get in contact with them? In this documentary we visit Brazil and get to know Candomble practitioner that are believing in spirits like orisha.

After a burnout due to stress, Dutch director Sunny Bergman decided to investigate how people deal with spiritual strain and depression in countries that seem less affected by it. How do the Brazilians view lunacy? Sunny meets Samantha that is a Candomblé practitioner, a religion that originated during slavery. It´s a mix of several West African religions, Catholic saints and native Brazilian influences. In Salvador you see depictions of orishas, the gods of nature everywhere.

In the west we believe in what we call `being normal`. If you behave outside the norm, you get pigeonholed. In Brazil they believe that the spiritual dimension, spirits or orishas, have a huge impact on your state of mind and the course of your life. In this episode Sunny Bergman visits Brazil where spirituality is very popular. There, feeling “normal’ doesn’t mean the same as it does in The Netherlands. Sunny explores the Afro-Brazilian religion and rituals “Candomble”, where behavior isn’t seen as part of your personality, because it’s influenced by ghosts. Blurring the frontiers of what is normal or not, making any behavior more easily accepted in society.

Episode 3/3 Brasil
Director: Sunny Bergman This is a co-production of VPRO and BOS

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