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The Rise Of The National Front: As eyes shift towards the French presidential election in 2017, we look at the early rise to prominence of Marine Le Pen’s Front National.

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At Jean Monnet High School, France, girls dance to celebrate National Racism Education Week. It’’s a multicultural display that’s increasingly rare in the southern town of Vitrolles. In local elections the National Front won an outright victory of more than 50%.The rhetoric of the Front is darkly reminiscent of the Nazis: immigrants are criminals and inferior. Already migrants in Vitrolles are under curfew. Before the National Front took control families would sit and play outside together, says local SOS Racism president Nadia Salsédo. Nadia, who was born in Tunisia, still goes to work but her social worker job is under threat. ”They’’re gang leaders with a council salary”, says FN’s Bruno Mégret, whose wife won the Vitrolles mayoral race after he was disqualified for funding irregularities. 14 year old Najib sits uncomfortably outside his modest home wearing a neck brace. He suffered neck strain and heavy bruising after being dragged out of bed at 6am and questioned by Gendarmes. At a youth centre for migrants other teenagers agree – if the police find someone out after curfew, there’’s no mercy. They hit you, handcuff you, whatever.”

ABC Australia – Ref. 339

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