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A Spy Exposed: After Valerie Plame’s husband, former US Ambassador Joseph Wilson, publicly criticised George Bush’s reasons for going to war with Iraq, it was she, a CIA spy, who faced the retribution.

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Valerie knew that when her husband spoke out that things were going to get rough. “The Bush White House did not take criticism lightly. We were prepared for that”. What they didn’t expect was that the retaliation by the US government would be directed at Valerie, who ended up being exposed by those who were meant to protect her identity. In doing so, they effectively ended her career. Eight years on, her story has been turned into a Hollywood thriller, ‘Fair Game’, which she says is difficult to watch because of the memories it brings back. Speaking from New Mexico, where she and her children were forced to make a new life, Plame says that despite the lasting effects she isn’t bitter: “You can speak truth to power. There are going to be consequences. But you can survive it”.

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