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“What In The World Are They Spraying?” is a documentation of the best-selling author G. Edward Griffin and the journalist Michael J. Murphy.
Each of us has ever seen the contrails behind a jet aircraft. The white clouds stretch across the horizon until it is finally covered with a murky haze. Spontaneously we would say that it can not be simply contrails of jet engine is here. The question “Who is doing this and why?” so far, however, no one went to the bottom.
This film has changed everything. It is the story of a fast growing industrial sector called geoengineering. Geoengineering, operated by scientists, companies and States, has the aim of changing our global climate, controlling the weather, and to modify the chemical composition of the soil and the water, apparently for the welfare of humanity. Although official voices emphasize these projects were still at the discussion stage, there is plenty of evidence that they are carried out since 1990, with devastating effects on crops, the fauna and flora, as well as on human health. Unintentionally we come into contact with poisonous substances. In addition, we are still brazenly lied. Do not watch this film if you suffer from high blood pressure!

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Producers: G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, Paul Wittenberger country / year: USA 2010

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