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The Mormon Moment (2011): Examining the beliefs of the Mormon community and the possible misconceptions surrounding them.

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For many the Mormon faith is synonymous with antiquated doctrines like polygamy, but with two now running for US presidency this report gets inside the community to see what Mormonism really means.

Mormonism is suddenly everywhere in today’s media, with insights into the life of polygamists satisfying the voyeuristic tendencies of a modern audience. For many this is a inaccurate association: “we haven’t practised polygamy for over a century”. But for a core group of “fundamentalists”, polygamy remains a central doctrine. Although the political candidates Romney and Huntsman may blame these “heretics” for tarnishing their candidacy, polygamy is not the only doctrine which encourages prejudice. The church also eschews homosexuality and only accepted African-Americans in 1978, leaving lingering accusations of racism. For one Mormon prophet, dreams of the White House are premature: “the only answer is more time and continued articulation, conversation and explanation”.

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