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August 2010

Temperatures are soaring, the ice-caps are melting – global warming seems to be upon us. Yet in the US, Climate scientists are locked in a stormy battle with the meteorologists who call global warming a sham.

An increasingly outspoken group of weather reporters in the US have denied the existence of global warming. The largest survey of US weather forecasters so far revealed that only half of them believe in the ‘theory’. Approximately 25 % of those surveyed believed that it was a scam. Climate scientists have disparaged the authority of meteorologists, as they turn their backs on something which the majority of climate scientists see as unequivocal fact. “Why would anyone ask weather forecasters about their opinion on climate?” Kerry Emanuel, a renowned climate scientist says. Joe Bastardi broadcasts weather reports seen by millions and he doesn’t hesitate to broadcast his opinion on global warming…or the lack of it. “Nothing to panic about…it’s just the weather and you should enjoy it”.

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