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Popular Democracy of Police State? (1997): A sceptical report on Gaddafi’’s Libya and his manipulation of the foreign media.

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In March 1997 Libya celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jamahiriya, the state of the masses. The “brother leader”, Muammar Gaddafi, is eschewing political parties and representative democracy. Our journalist is bussed in from Tunisia across flat desert and is forbidden from filming once across the Libyan border. He arrives at a conference for the Organisation for African Unity and joins foreign ministers at a banquet. Clad in lilac robes, Gaddafi sweeps in and delivers a 2 hour harangue against America’’s “interference”. As several ministers fall asleep, he says, “’you are tired of listening”.’ A crowd of young men dressed in shiny tracksuits runs to the entrance of the hotel as delegates emerge, all clutching printed signs in support of the OAU. Denying that they were ordered to come, they claim to be members of a “political committee”. We film the General People’’s Conference in action: despite lively debate, a delegate admits that the conference always abides by Gaddafi’s “proposals”.

ABC Australia – Ref. 329

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