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Christchurch Earthquake: When an earthquake destroyed Christchurch in February the CTV building was reduced to rubble in seconds, killing hundreds. This report assesses disturbing allegations that the building was fatally flawed.

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As the months pass and the Royal Commission probes the devastation, the widespread heartbreak that settled on Christchurch is turning to outrage. “I want someone’s arse busted over this and held accountable”, says widower Geoff Brien. Why did one building, erected just a few decades ago, collapse in just 12 seconds and claim so many lives? This compelling investigation uncovers evidence that the building was an earthquake disaster waiting to happen. “Nobody needed to die in the CTV building. It should not have collapsed the way it did”, says Barry Davidson, a structural engineer. The building owners claim that proper checks were carried out prior to the quake, but accessing the results of the checks proves impossible.”I think there’s something being covered up here.”

ABC Australia – Ref. 1

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