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Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves – yet the country finds itself in a deep crisis. [Online until: June 11, 2018]

Former president Hugo Chavez tried to create a “socialist paradise” but the already sickly economy has now hit rock bottom under his successor Nicolás Maduro. Scores of protestors were killed in anti-government demonstrations in 2017 and the current presidential election is adding fuel to the flames. Political opposition groups blame Maduro for the country’s current economic crisis. Foreign journalists have little access to Venezuela—but Australian reporter Eric Campbell entered the country as a tourist to assess the situation for himself. Campbell’s report shows just how bad the shortages of basic consumer products have become. Queues form in front of supermarkets at 3am in the hope of buying basic items such as flour, butter, or toilet paper. Hyperinflation means people who want to convert a few hundred US dollars into the local currency often have to bring a suitcase just to carry all the Venezuelan bills. The crime rate has soared, and tens of thousands of people have left the bankrupt country.

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