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This documentary is a log-book of our crossing of the United States of America, few months before the Midterm elections of Barack Obama’s presidency. Our trip took us from the Gulf of Mexico at the worst time of the BP’s oil spill to the city of Chicago, home of President Obama. We tried to see what was left of the hope, dreams and great enthusiasm raised by his historical election. During our journey to the heart of the United States, we met with the man of the street and local personalities: fishermen affected by the oil spill, opponents to Obama’s Health Reform, fans of the president, close collaborators, disappointed supporters… Their testimonies are raw and honest, touching and profound, sometimes violent. One thing is sure: if Obama is the coolest president abroad, he remains a controversial figure in his own country.

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Director: Franck Guerin & Emmanuel Leconte
Duration: 53′
Year: 2010
Producer: Daniel Leconte

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