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Locked up indefinitely? No lawyer? No trial? If you think this can’t happen to an American citizen, think again. Since 9/11 and the USA Patriot Act, America has faced a fearsome erosion of civil liberties. Unconstitutional is now available on VOD platforms. Get it now on –
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Made for a theatrical release by Hollywood director Robert Greenwald, Unconstitutional exposes how the Patriot Act, made to defend America, is actually leaving it more vulnerable to future terrorist attacks.

The Patriot Act was aimed at giving law enforcement agencies greater powers to fight and prevent terrorism. But under this guise, the government was able to authorise some of the worst violations of civil liberties. Americans could now be detained indefinitely without trial. They could be spied upon, their property searched and phones tapped without the authorities ever having to prove they were a danger. Federal Law Enforcement powers were expanded at the cost of individual liberties.

For immigrants living in the United States, the consequences of the act were even worse. Anyone who questioned the bill’s parameters was rebuffed as an unpatriotic traitor. But has the act actually made America safer? Officials acknowledge that the policies heralded in by the act are isolating and antagonising the very communities they need to engage. As Cannistraro says, when you base your anti-terrorism measures on stereotypes, you’re bound to fail.

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