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Donald Trump failed to deliver on a major election promise when his new healthcare bill was rejected. While some celebrate Obamacare’s survival, many Americans are unsure of the future of their care. Subscribe to Journeyman here:

Obama’s signature legislation saw an extra 20 million Americans take up health insurance, but for the poorest Americans, it isn’t affordable enough. “Take Obamacare and throw it out the window. It needs to go quick”, says William Orender. The 56-year-old Virginian lost his job when he got arthritis, and relies on free care from a volunteer run “Health Wagon”. Trump dominated in Virginia, largely due to the failings many felt of Obamacare. But for people with chronic illnesses, like Hayley Saucier in New Orleans, Obamacare is a lifeline paying for expensive treatment. Trumpcare is a political tornado threatening to take it all away. “This is 9 grams. $10,000 in my hand right now”, she says, holding a week’s prescription. “Without the ACA, no insurance will cover me”.

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