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Babes to the Slaughter (2010): A shocking and powerful report on Congo’s primitive medical infrastructure, which is disturbingly out of touch with the modern world.

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It should be the happiest days of their lives, but birth in DRC sees many mothers mourning the death of their new child. The International community says they will tackle the issues, but the problem is where to start.

There are 3 doctors for more than 140,000 inhabitants here in the Bandudu province. Pregnant women place their lives in God’s hands as they prepare to give birth. “A lot of women in the villages die because of the lack of medical skills.” Sister Ria has run her hospital for 33 years. She tries desperately to teach others the correct way of treating expectant mothers and babies; “That’s not the right way. Cut the umbilical cord, hurry. Can’t you see the child’s suffering?”

After treating yet another young mother, Ria tries to convince them that enough is enough; “Listen to me. I’m telling you 3 children is plenty. She won’t survive another child. Do you understand?” People like Sister Ria and foreign financial aid are the only hope for the women of Congo.

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