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As the US elections reach the eleventh hour, this report follows young Republicans in the pro-Obama state of Maryland, where campaigners are determined to capitalise on Romney’s recent surge in the polls.

“We care about our country, we want to see good policies implemented and that is why we’re here”, says 27-year-old Laura Chambers, a member of the National Committee of the Washington DC Young Republicans. “We will go door to door, talk to people, ask them to support our guys.” Despite the Republicans taking a divisive stance on many key social issues like women’s rights, religion and government, their dedication to the cause is largely due to youth unemployment. “The policies that President Obama promised to enact to get people working haven’t really come to fruition”, says another campaigner. On the eve of the first Presidential debate a second term in the White House seemed almost certain for Barack Obama. He was comfortably ahead in the polls and Mitt Romney didn’t appear to have any way of clawing back the lead. But over the last few weeks much has changed and now key voters in the so-called “battleground” states may yet decide the outcome. In this tightly fought election, it’s still anyone’s guess.



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