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Egypt’s Revolution: With the police gone, thousands flock to Tahrir Square to the demand the resignation of incumbent president Hosni Mubarack. For people across Egypt, a threshold of fear has finally been crossed.

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In Tahrir square, the message is loud and clear: Mubarack must go. After 30 long years, many ordinary people are no longer afraid to speak out: “We were watched closely, we were scared to speak up” says one man. Despite facing a stubborn and unrelenting president, the protesters are determined to oust Mubarack, with thousands refusing to leave the square: “we will be here until he leaves” another protester shouts. As the sit-in continues, violence breaks out. Trouble-makers on the pro-Mubarak side attack protesters in the square and a hail of stones rains down in retaliation – at least 11 people will be killed in these clashes.

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