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Cocaine Coast (2010): Colombia is being torn apart by drug trafficking, creating dangerously high murder rates.

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Buenaventura –- the epicentre of the Colombian tragedy. 80% live in poverty and social despair has attracted the drug trade to employ the city’s Afro-Colombian youth as its disposable assistants.

The shantytowns stretching down into the river are sought after launch pads from where the traffickers take off on their journeys North. “”Drug trafficking sees no borders and has no rules.”” Says Coastguard Captin Picon. Of course the city has been a battleground for Colombia’s armed groups for some time; resulting in one of the world’s worst murder rates. ““We have witnesses saying that they heard the sound of chain-saws during the night. And we were told that they cut up bodies….”” 300 to 700 people are murdered here every year.

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