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Turkey is stating as a model to be followed by the new Arab regimes, a model of democracy and secularism in the Muslim world. It is this Turkey, Muslim and modern that we will discover and query in this roadmap. The road movie will take us from Gaziantep, on the Syrian border, which represents the new Turkey AKP, liberal and Muslim, shown as a democratic model for the Arab world, to Diyarbakir in the center of a forgotten Kurdish region, to Ankara the capital which embodies the secular and Republican legacy of Ataturk, and Istanbul the sublime, between the East and the West, between modernity and tradition. These steps and sequences (indicative) were selected to highlight the following issues: Did the AKP, Islamist and Liberal, invented a true Muslim and secular democracy? Is this a model applicable to the Arab countries? What about freedom of expression? What about democracy when 101 journalists are in jail and 2/3 are Kurdish? (China comes in second position with 35 journalists imprisoned) Is Turkey a bridge between Europe, the Caucasus and Asia, or a Trojan program in an expending spirit of Islam? You will see contradictions abound around this democratic model.

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Director: Baudouin Koenig, Daniel Leconte & Fabrice Gardel
Duration: 52 ‘
Year: 2012
Producer: Daniel Leconte

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