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Whispers and Shadows (2009): The Taliban is playing mind games with local Afghans.

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Separating the People from the Taliban is the new catchphrase of Obama’s presidency. But knowing who the Taliban are, and countering their influence over the local Afghans, is easier said than done.

‘You have to decide what side you’re on’ says an Afghan army officer to a group of villagers. The constant cross-fire in their villages is making their lives unbearable. ‘The Taliban want you to think it’s us shooting at you, and now they’re shooting at us to turn us against you’ says one villager. His wife was killed by a Taliban bullet. ‘Somebody in your villages knows what’s going on’ accuses one soldier. Caught in the middle, the villagers struggle to find a safe path. They put it very simply, ‘The Americans’ job is to give us security’ ‘and they should do it’. How can these local Afghans openly support the Americans, and their own government, when they have to face the Taliban at night?

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Guardian Films – Ref. 4422

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