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Tiger Trap (2009):

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Kumaran Pathmanathan, or ‘KP’, is the Tamil Tigers’’ current leader. Two months ago, he was snatched from a hotel in Malaysia and whisked back to Colombo. It seems Sri Lanka’’s government was behind the abduction.

“What we have is an unlawful process. And that makes it vigilantism, that makes it vengeance, but it doesn’t make it justice”. For Amnesty International, KP’’s rendition is a human rights violation. Professor Gunaratna, a close advisor of Sri Lanka’s defence secretary, disagrees: “There was no other way to do this. KP was the biggest human rights violator.

“The government is already planning to bring a number of other people home”, he adds. The Tamil community is concerned that Sri Lanka is using the help of other ‘friendly’ countries to abduct exiled community leaders in a similar way. Though no longer open, the war between the government and the Tigers endures.

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