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Smile You’re on Camera: Inside traffic law enforcement in South Africa

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Smile You’re on Camera focuses on “the sight of South African roads that everyone loves to hate, the snags, snares and traps of traffic law enforcement.” It was said that the Metro Police department were only doing their jobs to make the countries roads safer, “but has the business of traffic fines become a business” itself? “One that puts profit before principle.”

The Justice Police South Africa has been set up to counteract the “abuse of power within law enforcement” creating a “public watchdog”. The traffic authorities have been issuing thousands of illegal fines, generally reaching 200,000 fines per month which is a profit for the JMPD of about “30 million rands a month”. “This is not preventing people speeding,” this is a way of making money and using unauthorised sites to do so. This situation has become so severe that some people are getting caught at the same time in two completely different places due to equipment problems and wrongly placed sites. “With more and more cases of illegal traffic fines coming to their attention, Justice Project has launched a fraud and criminal complaint against the JMPD.” As they wait “results on its complaints against the JMPD the culture of impunity” on South Africa’s roads continues.

SABC – Ref. 4981

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