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Supermarket Slave Trade (2014): Prawns may be cheap to buy, but the human cost of their production is unimaginable. This shocking expose from Guardian Films reveals the invisible slavery propping up Thailand’s multi-billion dollar industry.

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“They kept me chained up. They sold us like animals”, says Vuthy, a former monk from Cambodia, who paid a broker to be smuggled into Thailand. He came in search of work, but ended up being sold from one fishing vessel to another. Vuthy’s story is far from uncommon aboard the trawlers that fill the bountiful waters around Thailand – the world’s largest supplier of prawns. Every year, thousands of migrant workers seek illicit entry into the country, only to become victims of the endemic human-trafficking that feeds the long, complex supply chain from boat to supermarket shelf. Although the Thai government claims that “combating such activity is a national priority”, this undercover investigation unearths a lawless and unregulated industry run by criminals, and facilitated by Thai officials themselves. “The way I see it, we’re business partners”, says one anonymous broker of his relationship with the maritime police. “Everyone’s profiting from it”.

Guardian Films – Ref. 6154

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