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Death in the Forest (2012): Chut Wutty was one of Asia’s leading environmental activists until he was mysteriously gunned down in the Cardamom forest. Why was he killed? We investigate a story of corruption, conflict and cover up.

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“It’s like war. If you stand up against a Mafia organisation, you live dangerously”, says Wutty’s environmental campaigning partner, Marcus Hardtke. When he was shot Wutty had been taking photos with journalists in an area of Cambodia where illegal logging is rife. Many believe he uncovered something else though: industrial-scale international drug production, “taking place under armed guard in the recesses of the forest”. The Cambodian authorities have repeatedly altered their story, leading Wutty’s supporters to argue that “the investigators need investigating”. Has Wutty’s mysterious death thrown light on a dark practice deep inside the jungle?

SBS Australia – Ref. 5535

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