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The Russians Are Coming lifts the lid on the exclusive world of super rich Russians who want an English Public School education for their children. Dina Karpova epitomises the aspirational and determined Russians who are embracing the capitalist ethos of the West. A glamorous international property broker, she capitalises on Russia’s love for all things English. Dina has sent her own son to school in the UK and now she is fast-tracking her clients’ children into England’s high society by introducing them to aristocratic families and getting them into the most prestigious Public Schools.

The film follows the journey of 11-year-old step brothers, Natan and Vasilli. Their businessman father, Boris, wants them to get into a top school and it is up to Dina and educational consultant Charles Bonas to prepare them in time for their interviews. The boys are sent on a bespoke course in Dorset to an aristocratic house where they learn how to shoot and play polo, in the hope of integrating them into English high society. They are also given intensive academic tutoring. But will Dina succeed in educating the boys in the ways of the English élite and giving them the social and academic skills they need to get into a top British Public School?

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