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Russia’s Racists (2004): A disturbing insight into how the Chechen conflict has shaped Russian public opinion and resulted in an explosion of neo-Nazism in Russia.

Has Russian Conservatism Created An HIV-Aids Epidemic? (2002)

The Tundra Book – Trailer
Ukraine’s People In Limbo As War Slips Down Global Agenda

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“We are Aryans and must kill all Niggers, Chinese, Jews and Wogs from the Caucasus,” commands Tasek, a member of the People’s National Party. This vicious kind of rhetoric is in line with the new ‘Russist’ ideology sweeping the nation. Many of Russia’s new political parties are openly racist, with one politician even condoning the murder of non-ethnic Russians. “The government has been playing with the xenophobic attitudes of the population for such a long time that the situation has simply got out of control,” says human rights worker Tatiana Lokshina. Migrants from the poorer southern republics now face an increasing number of violent attacks. Even migrants’ children are targeted to encourage their parents to leave the country.

SBS – Ref. 2391

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