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Sex Tourism (1998)
Europe’s free circulation of people and goods has spawned a slave trade: Portuguese women are being lured over the border to Spain, where they are sold into prostitution. Electric shocks, cigarette burns and severe beatings frighten many Portuguese women into the job.

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Portuguese-owned puticlubs (whorehouses) are technically illegal, but tolerated by the authorities. You can buy sex with any one of the women gyrating in thigh boots by the empty dance floor. Deolinda was abducted at 13. She took a job as a waitress only to find a pimp waiting for her. A pimp admits that most of the girls will never earn the high wages they are promised and all become ‘objects’. A good-looking ‘object’ is sold at a price she can never pay off. Those who refuse to work are tortured. They move bars every three weeks, to coincide with their menstrual cycle. We ask one bar-owner why he offers ‘hostesses’. He concedes: ‘There are no Saints here’. The women are exploited to the point of exhaustion, diseased or addicted to drugs. Video cameras, barred windows and high walls keep them in.

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