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Lockerbie: Case Closed (2012): This powerful film goes in search of answers to a 24-year-old mystery. In the only TV interview Megrahi has ever given about his case, he claims new evidence will prove him innocent. Was he wrongly convicted?

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The Lockerbie disaster was the worst terrorist attack to hit Europe and a painstaking investigation ensued. The final case relied solely upon the evidence of one man, Tony Gauci, and a tiny piece of circuit board found amongst the wreckage. But according to those involved in the investigation, “Gauci was coached and given money for his evidence”. More importantly, the crucial piece of circuit board turned out to not be linked to Libyan equipment. Revealing the results of new tests and previously secret assessments, this film offers a fresh consideration of whether it is true that “this is Britain’s worst miscarriage of justice: the wrong man was convicted and the real killers are still out there”.

Chris Jeans – Ref. 5491

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